The Walking Dead: S5


Season 6 is finally here tonight in the UK! I watched some of the Periscope feeds from the fan premiere in New York on Friday and it looked A-MAZE-ING. Luckily, I’ve avoided spoilers from the US show last night so I’m going into episode 1 with complete blindness and I’m hoping for a good one. Anyway, I think I’ve finally grabbed by zombie phobia by the neck and plunged a dagger right thought its head. I’ve finished season 5 and I’m ready for the next one. Bring it on!

Warning: Contains spoilers.


Season 4 left the group locked in a boxcar in Terminus having been tricked into thinking this was a safe haven. We were left with Rick’s immortal words, “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” And how right he was. Unlike previous seasons, we were properly left with a cliffhanger this time and I couldn’t wait to get to the next season to find out what happened. I wasn’t disappointed.

There were several locations in this series so it made the world feel bigger rather than the claustrophobic effect of season 2 at the farm or 3 in the prison. The action seemed to travel and so introduced new people and more walkers and, consequently, more problems. Speaking of problems, Father Gabriel needs to get eaten. I didn’t like his character from the moment he was found in the forest and my instincts turned out to be right. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him and I’m really not good at throwing! Seeing where his character goes in S6 after the fight with him, Sasha and Maggie will be very interesting.

The relationship between Sasha and Bob had the same effect on me as Maggie and Glenn – I just didn’t believe it. There was no build up to it and it all seemed too quick so, when she had the breakdown after his death and at the party in Alexandria, I just didn’t feel it. I don’t think I know her character enough to care at the moment. Similar to others until last season. And, this might cause some controversy in the TWD Family, but I didn’t really care when Beth died either.

The character development of Beth happened too close to her death so I hadn’t seen enough of her to care. I also knew what was coming as I’d seen spoilers of it online when it happened so it wasn’t a shock when it happened. The impact it had on the others was great drama though – the shock from Dawn that she’d just shot Beth, Rick’s face, then Daryl’s anger and immediate instinct to shoot back really showed that he cared about her and would do anything to protect his people. It all happened so quickly and yet the lack of sound in the scene really slowed it all down. That was a great sequence.

The death of Tyreese was equally impactful. The fact that it was Noah’s little brother that bit him was symbolic of the way he’d taken care of Lizzie, Mika and Judith previously. He was a big man with a big heart and, even though he’d shown his chaotic side after Karen was killed, he redeemed himself with the warmth and protection he’d shown the children. Yet it was a child that brought about his demise in the end. The hallucinations of Beth and the children was quite touching though and the testing of his character from them to The Governor and Martin from Terminus was used to great effect. I was just started to like his character and off he pops.

The discovery of Alexandria is interesting and the introduction of new people has thrown me off a little. I’m bad with names and faces so I was only just getting used to the regulars up to this point when they’ve now thrown in a whole town into the mix. Aaron seems like a good guy and his (and Eric’s) relationship with Daryl is curious too. I know that this has thrown up some theories about Daryl being gay but I’m not sure about that. I think Daryl’s growing as a person with each series – he’s not the dumb hot-head red-neck he may have appeared to be in season 1 and is more accepting of people who aren’t like him. I think he’s socially awkward and doesn’t trust very easily so even having dinner with other people is testing for him. I like the dynamic between all three of them.

The development of Abe in this season was interesting with the flashbacks to his former life and exploring what he’s like now. His defining moment was at the construction site when he takes charge and rescues Francine from the herd of walkers. He took charge even though I think he was trying to take a back seat for a while and proved himself to be a valuable leader in Alexandria. I want to see more of Eugene though. I’d like to know more about his background.

And that brings me to the Alexandrian residents… Deanna seems a bit questionable to me and I want to see what happens with all of those videos she’s recorded although I do like that she seems fair in her judgements and doesn’t immediately side with the residents vs Rick’s group. I’m also not sure about Jessie. Maybe it’s another instance of me not getting to know her character enough yet but I don’t feel the connection between her and Rick. I think he sees what happened to Carol and doesn’t want the same to happen to Jessie and the need to protect her and Sam but the spark between them seems too forced right now.

Speaking of Carol, love the cardigans! I like her ‘hiding in plain sight’ approach to Alexandria. No-one suspects that the quietly spoken meek older lady with the greying hair is actually a gun-toting badass who’d rather see you put down than threaten anyone she cares about. I loved the relationship she’s got going (or not) with Sam too. She can be a pretty scary lady when she wants to but you’d never see it coming if you didn’t know the real her.

This season has been really good for opening up characters more as well as the TWD landscape. With the discovery of Morgan, Rick’s potential return to being leader, and the introduction of The Wolves, season 6 looks to be even better. I hope I’m proved right. I also want more Abe and more Daryl, please. Thanking you.

The Walking Dead: Season 5 – more emotions, more people, more locations, more walkers. I just want more! 8/10



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