The Walking Dead: S3

Walking_Dead_Season_3_PosterSeason 6 is almost here! I’ve still been watching The Walking Dead for the first time in order to ease my fear of zombies. It’s definitely easing and I’m spending less and less time having to mute certain scenes. Having been a little disappointed with season 2, I’m hoping for more action and open-mouth moments and maybe – dare I say it – a bit more walker action in season 3 rather than them being an afterthought. Season 2 was a slow burner but ended on a high so I was looking forward to season 3 and what it might have to offer.

Warning: Contains spoilers.

TWD-3castAfter leaving a few unanswered questions at the end of the last season, I was keen to find out who the hooded figure was standing over Andrea, what will happen with the birth of Lori and Rick’s baby, and how the prison, which we’d had a brief glimpse at, would come into play. This season was SO much better than the last one and I’m struggling to remember everything that happened.

I was surprised, however, to see season 3 begin quite a while after the last one ended as the group has survived the winter and Lori is now heavily pregnant. Did they not find the prison over the winter? How did they survive? It says on Wiki that “After several months on the road, the group finds the prison” but what happened during that time? Considering they were only at the farm for a short period of time yet it spanned 16 episodes, it seems a bit of a cop-out that there’s now a gap that has been skipped over and not explained. Anyway…

It seems at first that the prison is the ideal place to protect themselves from walkers and try to have a normal life inside but it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be a permanent solution as it would’ve just got boring so something had to happen along the way. The dark corridors of the prison made the atmosphere more intense and I definitely had my thumb on the mute button for a while whenever they went exploring.

The first shocker was when Hershel’s leg was bitten by a walker. I thought he was a goner but then Rick chops off his leg and he recovers. Ta-da! This did raise an eyebrow as I felt that was an easy way out for creating tension if anyone ever got bitten on a limb that could then be hacked off and made better. I thought this was meant to be some sort of fast-moving infection so once you were bitten that was it. But Hershel recovers anyway and is back to being the wise old sage of the group.

The pace of this season definitely seemed to have been ramped up compared to the previous one and the introduction of The Governor as well as the reappearance of Merle were nice additions so soon. I definitely think Killer Within was a one of the best episodes (#4) so far. It was action-packed and very intense from the beginning and just got better. I was probably open-mouthed for most of the episode! From T-Dog getting bitten to Carol going missing, Lori going into labour and then Carl having to shoot her, it was all go throughout the episode.

However, I didn’t really get the breakdown of Rick and Lori’s relationship though as she’d already told him about her and Shane so why is it so strained now months later? It’s never really explained why it’s changed so drastically but I like how Rick is now a total badass who doesn’t give a crap. This is highlighted when he kills newcomer Tomas on the spot without hesitating. I don’t think the Rick from seasons 1 or 2 would have done that. Rick’s reaction when he realises Lori has died is very touching though and I may have shed a tear when he collapses in the courtyard. His subsequent breakdown was interesting to watch too with the phone calls and seeing Lori everywhere as well as him appearing not to care about much any more.

So much went on in this series that it’s hard to remember everything without having to refer back to the synopsis on Wiki. I’d almost forgotten how Michonne got away from Woodbury and was chased by Merle before watching Glenn and Maggie get kidnapped. But I liked it when Daryl found an almost dead Carol in one of the prison cells after thinking she’d been killed. I like their relationship and I’m glad Carol survived.

Merle was an interesting character. You wanted to hate him because of the things he did and said but somehow I liked him at the same time. His heel-turn when he was meant to be delivering Michonne to The Governor was a nice twist too although I think he should’ve been kept around for a while longer as the friction he caused between Daryl and the rest of the group would have been interesting.

Andrea was just annoying and flim-flammed her way through most of the season until the very end when she finally realised what was going and then her subsequent demise was rather unexpected. Michonne was a little too mysterious and seemed to not say much, wave her sword around a bit, kill some people and then not say much again.

The final episode, while good in itself, again didn’t leave much to think about between seasons. There wasn’t any sort of cliffhanger. The Governor disappeared and that’s about it – you weren’t left with lots of unanswered questions in anticipation of the next season apart from what happened to him and whether (or indeed when) he’ll come back. It was a disappointing ending to an otherwise brilliant season.

The Walking Dead: Season 3 – action packed and full of twists. 8/10



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